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Pomegranate Menorah
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1 lbs
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The pomegranate image recurs throughout Kakadu's artwork, reflecting its importance as a Jewish symbol and its artistic attraction to Kakadu designer Reut Shahar. Reut explains the significance of the pomegranate as follows:

This wonderful fruit symbolizes wisdom, and that is why he wears a crown. Did you ever try to count its small sweet seeds? Each of them is like a fraction of all the different kinds of intelligence found in humanity. When you eat a pomegranate, you feel that an antique knowledge fills you, because you tasted from the biblical fruit of the prophets' land.

With this remarkable menorah Reut marries the pomegranate to the tradition of Hanukah. The menorah features three pomegranates arrayed side-by-side on a pine base, accented front and back with four fall-colored leaves. The pomegranates are sumptuously painted with blended shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Each pomegranate is topped by three brass candleholders. The Hebrew inscription on the base means 'A miracle happened here.'

The menorah is laser-cut for high precision, 100% painted by hand, and sealed with our acrylic elastic lacquer, making for easy removal of melted wax with a plastic scraper. Measures 13 inches across, 7 inches tall, and 3 inches deep. Front and back pictured here.

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