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Welcome to the world of Kakadu, where art, design, beauty, and function converge. To make your shopping experience as convenient as possible, we have provided you with several different shopping methods.

Choosing the Shop by Category option allows you to see a listing of our various product categories: Dining, Floor Coverings, Furniture, Accessories, and Office. By choosing a category, you can view the many different products available within that grouping-similar to moving between departments in a department store. By clicking on an item, you can learn about its dimensions, weight, and price. You can also choose from the art motifs available for that product.

Choosing the Shop by Motif option takes you to a gallery of our beautiful art motifs. You can select the motif you want, then browse for items with that design. This method is especially helpful if you are trying to match the décor in an existing room. Again, you can learn more about any product by clicking on it.

Already know exactly what you want? Express Shopping eliminates all the extra steps and gets the job done fast. Simply enter the catalog number for the item you want and press go. You'll be taken directly to your product.

And for those times when you almost know what you want, there's the Search option. Simply type in a search term for the type of object you're looking for-for example, "mirrors"-and you'll get a complete listing of your options for that item.

Each item that you purchase will be added to your shopping cart. Don't be afraid to add items as you go-you can remove them at any time prior to checking out by simply changing the number in the "quantity" box to zero. When you're finished shopping, you'll have a chance to confirm all the details of your purchases at checkout, as well as to choose your shipping type.

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