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An ingenious fusion of art and function, Kakadu's hand-painted mahogany floor mats are beautiful to behold, yet durable enough to withstand everyday foot traffic. Since its introduction in 1990, the Kakadu floor mat has earned world-wide acclaim and an international patent. Each mat is painted in a distinctive Kakadu motif and protected with two coats of marine lacquer -- the same extreme treatment that is applied to boat hulls -- to resist scuffs, moisture, and stains.

The floor mat can be placed in any interior space, even a bathroom or in front of a kitchen sink. The floor mat's anti-skid vinyl backing holds fast to any hard, flat surface. Clean with soap and water or any non-abrasive household cleaner.

Kakadu floor mats are constructed from laminated layers of okoume, a fast-growing, sustainable species of mahogany harvested in Gabon, Africa.

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7 Species $189
Abstract $189
Autumne $189
Baraka $189
Bela $189
Bird Duo $189
Blue Florali $189
Climbing Pomegranate $189
Composi $189
Dayag $189
Domino $189
Dream Field $189
Earth $189
Etno $189
Feefa $189
Fish $189
Florali $189
Forma $189
Harmony $189
Harvest $189
Ikat $189
Lumina $189
Mati $189
Modernini $189
Mondo $189
Novo $189
Panim $189
Peri $189
Placo $189
Pomegranate $189
Pose $189
Pre-dance $189
Rainbow $189
Red Leaves $189
Shapes $189
Shemesh $189
Show $189
Siporim $189
Sunset $189
Terra $189
Thoughts $189
Tuco $189
Tulip $189
Windy $189
Yam $189
Yellow Moon $189
Yellow Path $189
Zipi $189

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