Kakadu does Disney World! ®

The Swan and Dolphin is a luxurious 2,200-room resort hotel located on the grounds of Walt Disney World® in Orlando, Florida. When one of the hotel’s 17 restaurants needed a makeover, the Swan and Dolphin turned to Kakadu.

The challenge: The restaurant, called Tubbi’s, featured a traditional décor from the 1970’s. Kakadu’s mission – to transform Tubbi’s into a bold, fun, exciting and inviting dining adventure.
The result: A place like no other, designed in the whimsical, playful, vibrantly colored style that is uniquely Kakadu. Reut Shahar, Kakadu’s artistic visionary, designed every detail, from the carpeting adorned with colorful tropical fish, to the mirrors shaped like Mediterranean windows, to the richly textured sky and cloud scene painted on the ceiling.

As guests enter the cafeteria-style serving area they encounter the restaurant’s piece de resistance: Three glass enclosures, depicting three-dimensional scenes of fish, birds, and insects. Each of the wildly imaginative creatures within is an original work of art created by Reut Shahar and her husband Aharon in Kakadu’s workshop. Piped-in sound effects make this area of the restaurant a multi-media playground for the senses.

The central theme of the restaurant is a sprightly, mischievous looking figure whose visage appears throughout – directing patrons to the entrance, peeking around the corners of support columns, and dancing along the walls. Goodbye Tubbi, Hello Picabu!



From Tubbi’s…

….to Picabu


to learn more about Picabu, and to enjoy a virtual tour.

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Reut Shahar in her studio in Moshav Zafririm, Israel

Aharon and Reut Shahar at Picabu