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Boost your organization's bottom line with a virtual fundraiser on www.kakadu-design.com.

It's easy. There are no catalogs or samples to show around. No order sheets to fill out, checks to handle, or boxes to deliver. No door-to-door selling, stuffy dinner parties, brownies to bake, or cars to wash. We do all the work - all you need to do is send "eyeballs" to our site. Here's how it works…

  For the duration of your fundraiser, www.kakadu-design.com shoppers can indicate at "checkout" that they wish to sponsor your organization. We'll set aside 10% of the total purchase amount (excluding shipping, taxes, and gift wrap) at no extra cost to the customer. At the end of the fundraiser, we'll provide you with the names of your sponsors, the amounts of their purchases....and a nice-sized check!

Kakadu will provide promotional materials to help launch your fundraiser, including:

  • Customized letter from your organization's leader (ready to reproduce on your letterhead) that emphasizes your organization's goals and encourages participation in the fundraiser
  • Camera-ready flyer about www.kakadu-design.com to accompany the letter (suitable for photocopying)
  • E-mail suitable for forwarding to target sponsors
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