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The Vision

Are Kakadu products art? Or are they cleverly designed home furnishings? It is this question that lies at the heart of the Kakadu philosophy. The answer is that they are both.

Kakadu creations are an expression of the Shahars' belief in a world where art is not restricted to the gallery or the museum-a world where art merges seamlessly with design and becomes a functional part of everyday life.

So by all means, feel free to use your Kakadu products. Our wooden carpets are made to be walked on, our containers are designed to contain things, and our stools are built for sitting.

You can also feel confident that your Kakadu products are environmentally friendly. Protecting the earth we live in is one of our top priorities-and we take it into consideration at every phase of production. The majority of our wood comes from fast-growing timber that has been planted specifically for harvesting. This means that old-growth forests are never exploited to our products. And our carpentry processes are carefully designed to eliminate as much wood waste as possible.

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