Kakadu - Workshops:
Everyone was born an artist

At Kakadu, we run a wide range of workshops EVERY DAY for: students, organizations, families, and tourist groups in either Hebrew or English.

The workshops give people a unique experience of using Kakadu techniques in painting and designing a personal product. In this workshop, a special dynamic is created where participants renew their own inherent creative core, and bond with family and friends.


At the workshop you will meet our artists, who will give you a lecture on our history, vision, and creative techniques. Then you will proceed to our workshop hall and paint your own creation, which you will take with you the same day. Finally the family/group will work together on painting a large piece for instance: a wooden carpet, a tray , a small round table etc. The large piece will be finished with our durable lacquer that will last for many years to come.

With us - Everyone is born an artist!

Contact us for details and booking:

Tel: +972 2 999 89 21

Aharon: +972 523477476
Reut: +972 528625271

Email: kakadu@netvision.net.il

"We had a great time in your workshop and all the family including grandma and grandpa all felt like artists!"
The Cohen Family, Beit Shemesh

"Our medical team from Hadassah discovered their creative roots and we decorated our department with the carpets, clocks and pictures that we made. Thank you, it was great!"

"Our Bar Mitsvah workshop was a brilliant idea! We enjoyed it very much and David decorated his room with work that we all made together for him"
The Fischer Family, New Jersey

"We enjoyed making music with you Reut and we discovered how deep the Jewish ancient music is and how lovely the Israeli songs are. We loved singing!"
David and Yael Silver, Chicago


These tailor made workshops are perfect for visiting friends and family; Bar/Bat Mitzvas and birthdays. 

Ask us about additional activities such as: food and live music.


During Hanuka, Sukkot and Pesach we have a festival of workshops 3 times a day that are opened to the public. Each workshop is 1.5 hours long, and you paint on any large item of your choice .


Bring your team or department for a fun team building day at Kakadu which can include music.

Each participant will make a small personal memory and the group will create a large item together for the communal area of your work place. 

Meet the Artist

Meet our Artists and take part in a dynamic group discussion led by Reut Shahar. The meeting will include a demonstration and a talk about Kakadu; Hebrew and Jewish poetry; creativity; and art.